Upcoming Activities

• February 17th and 18th: Symposium sponsored by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, and Atlantic City/Pleasantville Police Depts. The Symposium will attempt to answer commonly asked questions and to address widely held misconceptions regarding the dynamics of violent police encoun-ters with civilians, the perceptions of persons involved in those encounters and evidence presented to grand juries. The Faculty of Force Science Insti-tute of Minnesota will be the presenters.

Spring 2015: 2nd Annual Law Enforcement Career Day.

Spring 2015: CSC Youth Committee will sponsor a Symposium on: "Me and You time" focused on positive parenting and bonding.

Spring 2015: Continuation of the Community Walks.

Summer 2015: CSC Board Retreat.

Summer 2015: Atlantic City and Pleasantville "Community Cookouts and National Night Outs"

2015: 4 Quarterly Symposiums sponsored by the Programs Committee.