Officers of the Board of Directors

Board Chair: Perry Mays, Community Volunteer


Honorable Chairs: Mayor Don Guardian, City of Atlantic City Mayor



Vice Chair: Ernestine Smith, Community Volunteer

Secretary: Delores Jones, Mothers In Charge


Treasurer: John Emge, United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern NJ


Committee Chairs:
Development : Vernon Lawrence, Pleasantville Housing Authority

External Communications: Kaleem Shabazz, Masjid Muhammad of AC

Faith-Based: Dr. Robert Hargrove, President of F.O.C.

Youth: Judy Ward, Councilwoman, City of Pleasantville

Programs: Dewane Parker, Community Volunteer


Jesse Tweedle, city of Pleasantville

New Faces, New Members

Mayor Don Gaurdian
City of Atlantic City

Dr. Leonard Fitts
Pleasantville Schools

Cindy Herdman-Ivins
Executive Director,
Family Service Association
Rozalind Norrell- Nance
Retired Director of
AtlantiCare Family Centers