Imam Amin Muhammad, Masjid Muhammad, Atlantic City


Lillian Green-Sanderlin, President, Stanley S. Holmes Village Residents’ Council, Inc.


Reverend Collins A. Days, Sr., Second Baptist Church


Deacon Milton Nixon, Grace Family Church


Pastor Dave Delaney, Central United Methodist Church

National Nightout

What our Leaders are Saying...

“Perry Mays and the Coalition for a Safe Community, thank you for including us in your initiatives. Through your “gift of gab” and the confidence in your smile, you have recruited and sustained a talented team that we are proud and honored to have worked with and walked beside through various programs and activities. You have spotlight-ed our youth and made our residents feel safer. Thank you for your care and concern for our residents.”


"People of like-minds have united in the coalition to address pressing community concerns in Atlantic County. We salute, support, and stand with them in all of their efforts of good."

"The social and community challenges facing Atlantic City needs to be addressed by a multi-pronged effort like the Coalition has been engaged in. We need their efforts to continue in 2015 and as they move forward, I pledge my co-operation and involvement."

"The community walks are an important tool to help improve our neighborhoods. We need more people to join in, and I encourage the involvement of our churches and congregations. Let's walk together."

“Dr. King said, "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Our walks through the streets of Atlantic City are about community coming together in love. We have allowed "The Dream" to dissipate from our young people's mindset and that must stop now! Our churches, synagogues, and mosques must be focused on uniting our neigh-borhoods for the good of community if we are to become the people we can be.”