Development Committee

Vernon Lawrence, chair

Major Accomplishments 2014rapper

The Comprehensive Plan approved by the Board state that the objectives of theDevelopment Committee are to:
• Develop and utilize partnerships and resources to implement the activities of the organization.
• Research and apply for funding and volunteer resources to implement the activities of the organization (Research nationally the best practices and success models for services to at-risk youth).
• Funding from CRDA, and other community partners for Learn to Earn Computer Classes.
• Increased percentage rate of membership.
• Numerous Community Partners have again generously helped to fund or provide in-kind support for our community events.

Major Goals for 2015students computer balles

•Create a Development and Resource fundraising prospect list with help from the current trustees and members and their contacts.
•Identifying donors to the CSC sponsored events and encourage all donations in the future be paid directly to the CSC for distribution.
•Seek 2 private or public grants for specific work/services.
•CSC will continue to be a convener and community resource that brings other community groups together.

Youth Comittee

Councilwomen Judy Ward, Chair

pville night outMajor Accomplishments 2014

In the year 2014 the biggest accomplishment on the youth committee was:

• Bi-monthly mentoring sessions with the Greyhound students in the city of Pleasantville.
• Assisting high school students with summer employment opportunities through One Stop Career Center.

Major Goals for 2015

• Organize monthly mentoring sessions in the middle school
• Increase involvment with students throughout Atlantic City

Major Accomplishments 2014:toys for kids

We exceeded our goals in expanding our partnerships including:
• Held the largest public safety expo in the state in partnership with several law enforcement and community partners.
• Hosted the largest violence seminar in the state and in conjunction with the Prosecutor’s Office.
• Increased community involvement with rallies, meetings, and “grass-roots activities”.

Major Goals for 2015:

• Continue community-police “communication sessions.
• Expand upon successful expungement seminar.
• Develop increased support for “community walks”.

External Communications Committee

Kaleem Shabazz, Chair